Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Ep #94: The Virtual Office with Matthew Lloyd

How does a virtual office actually work day to day across 3 time zones? How do you choose the right balance of synchronous & asynchronous communication? How do you maintain the one-on-one connection with your team as you grow from 15 to 50 and beyond?

Today we talk to Matthew Lloyd, CXO of Wurkr, who shares how they operate day to day using their own digital workspace platform, navigate the balance between synchronous & asynchronous communication, and how their pre-work conversation connects them as a team.

PS. Check out last week’s episode with co-founder Tim Lloyd from Wurkr. We talked about his vision for a sensible, flexible working world and how the Wurkr platform was built to help people work together from everywhere.

Matthew and I spoke about how their culture & operations have changed as they’ve grown from three to fifteen employees; what they want to hold onto as their distributed team grow; the qualities they look for in new hires; and how their interns still at University adapt to working together remotely from anywhere. And more!

I hope you enjoy it.


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