A world where every woman has individualised health & wellness solutions at her fingertips.

High-integrity marketing solutions that empower your mission to bring equity, techquity and autonomy to women's health.

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FemTech is the most in-demand category of products and experiences on the planet.

Your audience just don't know about you yet. Let's change that.

strategy consulting

Stephanie is one of the most creative, energetic and passionate strategists I have ever worked with. She has an ability to combine fresh and insightful perspectives with strategic thinking to deliver unique and effective ideas.

She has an impressive ability to spark new ways of thinking that ignite and engage the people around her. She has a thorough knowledge of traditional and emerging channels and platforms that allow her to move effortlessly through the process of creating strategies founded on insight and audience understanding.

Shaun Morgan

Fairfax Digital, Sydney

Let Your Audience Know You Can Help Them.

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I'd Love To Help You With That.

The best marketing helps your audience before they become customers; it builds deep trust & real relationships. I'm talking about educational, entertaining, high integrity media, content & communications solutions that serve, not just sell. Before and long after the checkout.

As hybrid media strategist, comms planner & content creator with 21 years experience across media agency, digital publisher, small business & startups, I work with you from strategy to content to execution. Together we create high impact, high-integrity solutions that engage your audience & inspire them to action.

The result? You build your brand and become known for something special, you drive traffic to your online properties, you get more leads, and you make more sales. 

strategy consulting

Stephanie delivered an immediate impact. She sorted out project strategy, bringing clever and acute thinking to how we managed and supported an online community via our new platform, she was able to build strong rapport and trust with the client, helping to deliver a challenging piece of work and to transform what was a tricky relationship. She owned the delivery process and made it much easier for the team to function well and deliver. She is capable, no-nonsense but also a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Steve Hamm

Civic.Co, London

Your company's goal is to evolve product, scale sales & operations, have an impact, and change individual lives.

Your brand's job is to kickstart the right conversations, obliterate stigma & taboo around women's health, and become so ubiquitous that every woman - everywhere - can courageously, capably and confidently access the right health & wellness solutions for her. 

A Consultative Or Freelance Approach

From strategy to content to execution.

I'm a strategic planner, podcaster & content creator with a passion for creating media & communications strategies founded on an insatiable curiosity for human nature & trends in tech, culture, and society. 

Whether you're after a new team member or need some extra horse power for a specific project, I offer strategy, planning & implementation for your content & communications.

Stephanie spreads the good will, energy & inspiration around her without limitation... when you interact with her, you suddenly realise you have the same potential.

Jean-Pierre Levieux

Holisteam, Paris

Stephanie is bright, personable and strategic, and consistently delivers work ahead of the market. She demonstrates a deep understanding of the marketplace, and because of that, is able to drive new thinking, delivering projects on time and real depth of thought.

Toby Morris,

AOL Huffington Post, London

Stephanie is the Queen of organised and impeccably presented strategies. In the time we spent with Stephanie we got clear vision on what we need to do in our business to revive and sustain it. She brings knowledge, inspiration, and passion.

strategy consulting

Ildiko Brunner

Raw Mom, Montreal


Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO, Remote

You need a Chief Marketing Officer for your company, but perhaps don't have the budget for a full-time or long-term role. I act as the CMO, lending an outside set of eyes and strategic horsepower to your marketing strategies - on a freelance or consulting basis. From helping refine your business and growth strategy to designing efficient blog workflow, I help you set a singular marketing direction that is aligned with your company culture, values, and audience.

I build marketing strategy from your growth goals; translate the hearts & minds of your audience into meaningful personas that help you evolve product; write RFPs and engage agency partners; brief and manage projects; build financial & growth tracking models; oversee tech integrations, and work with finance, operations and legal to make sure you're efficient and impactful on purpose.

podcast strategy

Strategic Content & Communications

I work with you to grow & evolve your strategic capabilities, delivering comprehensive strategies & plans that support your annual sales & revenue goals. I dive deep into the hearts & minds of your audience to surface the insights that help you build authentic relationships through your content & communications. 

I can also manage internal & external relationships for seamless campaign implementation; and co-ordinate efficient delivery of master assets & strategy plans across agencies & markets.

podcast strategy

Content That Creates The 'Wow' Before & After The Sale

Whether part of your communications or product/ service offering, multi media content helps you build authority in your category, become the go-to when your audience is ready to buy, and inspire brand loyalty. Why not leverage educational, entertaining & empowering content to inspire your audience to take action & build brand love?

I create written, audio & video content, from blog, books, trade collateral & digital classrooms, to copy & scripts for live streaming, webinars & podcasts. I also project manage designers, developers and technicians for visual, audio & video production. 

podcast strategy

Get Right In Your Audience's Ear: Launch & Grow Your Podcast

With podcasting one of the most authentic ways to build an intimate relationship with your audience, imagine how your own show could help you drive traffic, build brand and increase leads & sales over time. 

I help you lay out a clear, long term strategy that aligns with your business vision, mission, and values. Available as a one-off strategy session or a monthly management retainer.

Podcast Strategy & Management Includes:
Strategy & Planning 
Style, Narrative & Story 
Guest discovery & booking
Interview structure & notes
Scripting of snippets & trailers 
Collateral & promo material

The women's health & wellness
revolution has begun.

There's a several thousand year backlog
on extraordinary health & wellness solutions for women.
Intentionality is high. Discoverability, integrity & incredible customer experiences will determine your impact & success.  

strategy consulting

Stephanie is one of the truly gifted individuals whose word is backed up by actual performance that far exceeds expectations. Her mastery of the digital revolution and its impact on individuals and business, coupled with her vast experience in working with some of the top online companies in the world, equate to a formidable force in designing digital strategy for our various activities. 

Her energy is infectious, and her grasp of the potential of the online universe and social media and marketing is an invaluable asset to our business.

Mark Shekter

Think8 Global Institute, Montreal

100% Remote

What does this mean? It means wherever you are in the world, I work with you from wherever I am in the world. 

I've had business clients in Montreal while based in London; clients in London, Estonia & Hong Kong while based in Mexico.

I adapt to your remote work style or, if remote working is new for you, we set up the best processes & systems to communicate, collaborate and create as efficiently, effectively and enjoyably as possible.

The Podcast.

strategy consulting

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Be A Brilliant Remote Leader & Worker

In season 4 of my podcast, Thriving Empire, I talk to the leaders & workers shaping the #remoteworkreality while building businesses, creating incredible products & services, and enjoying unparalleled work-life balance simultaneously.

Meet Stephanie Holland

Strategist, Author, Podcaster

Stephanie Holland is a passionate strategist, writer and podcaster obsessed with helping small business & startups achieve their passion, purpose and vision.Trained in global media strategy, planning & implementation at ZenithOptimedia in London, 2001, she went on to digital roles at Yahoo! & MSN, creating innovative advertising solutions & planning pan-European campaigns for blue chip clients.

In 2010 she launched Stephanie Holland Consulting, a boutique agency that works with good business with a vision to leave the world a little better than we found it. She's the author of Absolutely on Purpose and The Freedom Philosophy, co-author of Understanding Y; has been published in magazines in the UK, USA & Australia; and hosts Thriving Empire Podcast, about how to be a brilliant remote worker in the #remoteworkreality. She lives in Mexico, UK and Spain, working 100% remotely with her clients.

strategy consulting

It's FemTech's time to flourish.

Let's not keep women waiting.

A world where every woman has individualised health & wellness solutions at her fingertips.

Bring. It. On.

strategy consulting