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At StephanieHolland.Co we have a vision of a world where every woman has individualised health & wellbeing solutions at her fingertips.

Every woman regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, and national origin.

It's a big vision and we're just getting started, but step by step we hope to create diverse & inclusive content and resources that any woman on the planet can use to feel like herself again.

Existing content created for the premium course The BODY:BRAIN RESET is for women who identify as cisgender, however we're actively looking to partner with someone who has the knowledge, expertise and passion to create additional content for the relevant sections so they are applicable to transgender and non-binary people. 

If this sounds like your expertise, or you know someone you can introduce us to, send us an email questions [at] stephanieholland.co.

Our goal is to champion inclusivity on the internet, particularly in healthcare and women's health content. As a person of mixed race herself, founder Stephanie Holland is passionate that every woman who opens the site should see someone who looks like them, and recognise themselves in them, and hopefully realise (or learn) that optimum health & wellbeing is a birthright they are 100% entitled to and 100% worthy of. 

Updated: April 2024

Reset your body & brain and feel like yourself again

Without diets, detoxes, supplements, superfoods, or endless exercising.