Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Ep #93: Working Together From Anywhere with Tim Lloyd

How do we evolve into a more sensible, flexible working world that puts human connection & wellbeing at the centre of the workplace? How do we shake up the traditional digital workspace and replicate spontaneous water cooler moments online? How does ‘working together from anywhere’ help to soften the loneliness & isolation of working remotely?

Today on the show we chat to Tim Lloyd, who shares how they’re approaching these big questions at Wurkr.

Wurkr is a virtual workspace — literally a virtual office platform complete with various rooms including a reception area! — that enables people to work together from anywhere. It’s built — and continues to evolve — around the belief that everyone in a company team should be able to work from wherever works for them, around the desire to shake up the traditional workspace, and around the importance of maintaining the human connection.

Tim shares the accidental beginnings of Wurkr, his thoughts on how to make remote working work, the ripple effect of wellbeing, and why work-life integration is the essence of a reasonable remote revolution. I hope you enjoy it.


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