Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Ep #97: Adapt To Remote Working Feat. David Hachez PART 2

Adapting to remote working can be challenging. But what if there was a way to adapt to the challenges of remote working with more ease & speed?

What if all it takes is a little bit of self awareness?!

In part 2 of the ‘Adapt to Remote Working’ series, David Hachez, Change Practitioner & Enneagram Coach at The After, shares how knowing your personality type helps us create the new habits for adapting to remote working more easily.

Head over here to listen to PART 1.

David shares the Enneagram personality mapping model and explains how knowing our Enneagram type can give us practical tips that accelerate our ability to adapt to remote working. It can help you:

  • Find the right remote role
  • Advance in the right career/ and do well in your job remotely
  • Identify and design the right set up for you
  • Navigate your remote work-life integration

And more!

Here are the two Enneagram tests that David recommends in the episode:

  • Truity (FREE)
  • My Personality (PAID — contact David to receive a voucher code

I hope you enjoy it!


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