Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Ep #96: Adapt To Remote Working Feat. David Hachez

Adapting to remote working can be challenging. From loneliness & isolation to overworking & burnout, you can very quickly forget the reasons you made the decision to work remotely in the first place.

But what if you could consciously manage this big change, adapt to it more quickly, and enjoy the freedom & flexibility that attracted you in the first place?

Today on the show David Hachez, Change Practitioner & Enneagram Coach at The After, shares how managing change deliberately helps us create the new habits for adapting to remote working more easily.

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If you’re willing to take the driving seat & consciously manage the transition yourself — and not leave it up to the onboarding process, your manager or your company, — then you’ll not only benefit from the increased freedom & flexibility more quickly, but you’ll also have a methodology for managing change in all areas of your life and work.

And you’ll be able to:

//Develop a responsible, flexible, remote working style
//Maintain physical health, fitness & emotional wellbeing… ON PURPOSE
//Be more deliberate with your personal social life & social needs
//Enjoy a natural, effortless rhythm in your work and in your life

Highlights from this episode include:

Adapting to remote work takes time; there are new habits to learn; a new rhythm to embrace.

It takes time to develop new habits and a whole new work style; and because it’s so immersive, you’re also required to reconsider not just work/life balance, but work/life integration. Because there’s no more leaving the office. You leave your co-working space, your favourite cafe (or my favourite place to work, big, beautiful libraries) or, you have to switch off from your office hours whilst watching Netflix on the same computer, or eating dinner on the SAME table.

We have resistance to change by default, so we have to rewire our brain to create the new habits that will support us.

Even though we choose change, we have a resistance to change by default – we find old habits & reflexes reassuring / comforting. Habits provide security and a sense of control on our lives. So bringing more awareness to this consciously managed change helps us reinforce the desire for this change, for the reasons which motivated it. The results will be a rewiring of our brain so that created new habits become a possibility.

Your ‘reason why’ you started remote working is the secret to adapting to it more quickly.

The more conscious you are of the reasons which have led you to where you stand, the more rooted you will be and therefore the more comfort you will build for yourself. So finding the “Why” will reveal the underlying forces / arguments at play in your decision and will definitely provide you a confirmation of your decision.


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