The Freedom Philosophy
The Freedom Philosophy
Ep #7: Radically Organised

If you feel trapped in the start up rut and all your plans, goals and deadlines seem to turn to *poop* 💩, then this episode about being radically organised is for you! 

And it’s not a framework I made up out of thin air, it’s something I developed for myself, and then packaged into an online experience because so many of my clients felt the same way I had:

⚠️ Overwhelmed by the day to day

⚠️ Plans, goals and deadlines seem to turn to *poop*

⚠️ The feeling of being stuck in a rut

…And despite so much work & effort, not seeing the results they wanted.

In this episode I share the epiphany that got me out of the startup rut, and enabled me to become radically organised in my life and work.  So that you can, too.


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    • How becoming radically organised got me out of my startup rut
    • The 6 steps that will help you become radically organised, too
    • How my 7-day online #challenge can kickstart your journey 


Learn more about the The 7-Day Visionary Leadership Challenge


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