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We have the chance to be radically organized and visionary every single day.

That's why I created The 7-Day Visionary Leadership Challenge: so you don't leave it to chance, or keep running on autopilot.

Join me *live* online, 2-8 June 2019 to mastermind meaningful changes in your life and work; craft better plans that make sense for your goals; and launch your ideas with more ease, vision & likelihood of success. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Love! Stephanie x

Here's how it rolls out:

DAY 1:

Watch the welcome video. Download your #Challenge tracker your #Challenge Planner.
Schedule the lessons in your calendar. You're good to go! 

Jessi Albin

“I felt nervous and scattered before the #Challenge. But now I feel more focused, like I have a purpose. I can see where I want to be, and I’m taking the steps to get there. The content and design is wonderful.  I especially loved the vision and goal setting exercises. It’s a beautiful program that really will help people get in touch with their dreams and turn them into reality. Loved it!”

Jessi Albin jessifitpilates
David Wargo

“My future focus is now badass… and a finally have one that gives me goose bumps and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning! My favorite part was Stephanie doing the work with us and sharing. For me it was a quantum leap because I want many of the same things that she does. Her wording and clarity helped immensely! Her personally doing the work showed not told me 🙂 “

David Wargo

$197 $127

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  • A 100% online.
  • 3 x *live* rounds 3 x a year to stay aligned with your ultimate goals.
  • 6 video lessons. 6 worksheets.
  • Access via any device, download the materials
  • Anytime, lifetime access.
Tania Rome

I had a lot of ideas, but was feeling a bit flat and behind. But now I’ve learned tools to let go of the shit storm and now I’m feeling clear and excited! I feel much more grounded about bringing my vision into reality.

I loved the videos, worksheets, podcasts and blog posts. The combination gave me very valuable insights into my inner conflict. I feel much more confident that I can let go of my fears and move forward with my visionary life.

Tania Rome Film School Graduate

Here's My Guarantee. Risk Free.

I want to attract ambitious people with high-integrity, and repel time-wasters, slackers and freebie seekers. My guarantee protects the people who show up 100% and do the work. If you do the work and don't LOVE the results, send me your completed worksheets within 30-days and I'll give you a full refund.

$197 $127

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