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I wrote this book so you can minimise the drama, burnout, and pain of starting up. So you can activate your creative force, crush any obstacle and smash through your upper limits. So you can annihilate failure and eliminate the competition. So you can thrive on all levels regardless of success or failure.

You get a digital copy of The Freedom Philosophy Book:

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  • Dive deep into the content step by step
  • Integrate the core concepts into your life immediately
  • Develop your own unique freedom philosophy



  • Re-enforce the concepts you've read while you're on the go
  • Fast-track your understanding of the materials
  • Put your commute to good use! 

BONUS #1: The Startup Sessions Podcast Series >>

I interview 5 successful entrepreneurs and 5 fledgling entrepreneurs about their own Freedom Philosophy and what it took for them to get where they are today. We talk to:

  • Srini Rao, creator of The Unmistakeable Creative Podcast
  • Shannon Whitehead, Creator of Factory45
  • Meg Worden, Health Coach at
  • Racheal Cook, Creator of Yogipreneur
  • Lea Woodward, Business Strategist @

BONUS #2: New Entrepreneur Podcast Series >>

I interview 5 fledgling entrepreneurs about their own Freedom Philosophy and their triumphs and challenges as they grow their mini empire. We talk to:

  • Caroline Arnold, Executive Coach
  • Sam de Bruin, Founder of Cold Pressed Juice Co.
  • Gosia Scarrot, Personal Stylist
  • Alex Inchbald, Creative Consultant
  • Andrea Miller, founder of dating app Slindr

BONUS #3: The Meditation Practice Video Series >>


I've created 3 video tutorials to show you how to tap into your own source of creativity in short periods of time.

It's critical to create space in your mind for your ideas to flourish. If you're worried about how to sit in lotus and think about nothing you'll love these meditations practices. They use mantra (sound) and mudra (hand positions) to give you a focus point.

BONUS #4: BreathWork Video Series >>


I've created some breath practice videos to get you into the habit of using your breath for calm, creativity and productivity.

Breath is life. Or more specifically you life force. Learn to master your breath and you've mastered your life. It's a powerful life & business tool and available to you 24-7 so learn to use it!

BONUS #5: Additional tools, resources & info  >>

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Full Study Pack Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of this exclusive offer:

  • The Workbook (Digital & Printable)
  • The Audiobook (MP3)
  • The Startup Sessions Podcast
  • The Fledgling Interview Series
  • The Meditation Video Series
  • The Breath Video Series
  • Your Startup Calendar Template (PDF)
  • Additional Tools & Resources (PDF)
  • Time & Project Management Tools (PDF)
  • The Nourish Guide (PDF)

Hooray! Eureka moment!! I’ve been brainstorming and the ideas are flooding in!

Loving the Freedom Philosophy and noticing BIG changes in my energy levels just by tweaking a few of my habits and routines. Very liberating and space clearing. I feel more freedom with my time and get more done. Amazing huh? Thank you Stephanie for gracing this earth with your gift!!! You’re so inspiring and your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m glad I took the leap.

Cheryl Mair
Cheryl Mair

It's helping me stabilise the roller coaster of starting up. I had been working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I was burning out about once a month, but I've begun to structure my day to bring distance between me and my ideas. It's great to invest in building a foundation for a freedom life, too. I feel I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, the edge!

Jonathan Povey
Jonathan Povey Jonathan's Backpack

Stephanie is such an inspiration. I feel as though she's in my mind; I felt like she was hearing my thoughts, fears, concerns about starting up, and responding directly to them with logical reasoning and perspective shifts.  Her style is really raw and peppered with quotes and research. She has the gift of connecting with her audience in a really easy-going way. As someone in transition from corporate to entrepreneur, it really hits the spot for me.

Stacey Palmer
Stacey Palmer

Stephanie is a talented motivator — I feel rearing and ready to go — she's opened up my mind to possibility and empowered an uber-positive outlook. The content was amazing. It's a free flowing, fast paced yet structured style that takes you on a fun journey. It really revs you up. I got the feeling I could trust her completely in giving me direction. I particularly loved the content about how to create a 'thriving life' as well as her personal anecdotes and experiences.

Adam Bonnadio
Adam Bonnadio

Freedom Philosophy takes people out of their self-imposed and restricted comfort zones and challenges them to discover their own ‘zones of genius’. A truly expansive experience, you are challenged to identify your own, individual purpose so that you can use that as the source for your ‘freedom business’ inspiration.  A great resource for anyone who feels stuck in a career rut but has the audacity to dream of an alternative, more fulfilling way of life.

Stephanie Ressort
Stephanie Ressort

Startup Without An Idea is honest, personable, impeccably researched and insightful. It has the perfect amount of flair and disregard for the rules. And there's a lot of love in this course. I'm a huge fan of the exercises; I like the bravery of the content & voice. The questions invoke the perfect degree of discomfort for me, guiding me to point where my foundations were really shaken. This course won't tell you want you want to hear. It'll force you to admit what you truly want.

Tim Herring
Tim Herring

Get The Study Pack Now Only $52

Reading the material, listening to the material, doing the worksheets, and seeing how others have integrated these concepts into their life & work will literally propel you forward with your own entrepreneurial journey.  By taking action you’ll bypass almost everything holding you back from launching your own ideas because you’re creating entrepreneur mindset.