Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Be A Brilliant Remote Worker
Ep #98: Cultivate A Healthy Tech Life

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Cultivating a healthy tech life is more important than ever.

In the last 6 months I’ve heard more and more stories about overwork and burnout, so if you find you’re burning the candle at both ends and still haven’t yet settled into a healthy tech life, this episode is for you.

Finding the balance between our online and offline lives is even more important now, whether you’re new to working from home this year, or are a seasoned remote worker who’s used to a bit more freedom than the current logistics of your location allow for.

why? Because the boundaries between work & life are more blurry than ever.

If you’re used to working in a office, you’re missing various transitions and offline experiences throughout the day, like your commute meetings, office banter, spontaneous chats in the kitchen and bathroom, and real beer in a real bar with your real friends from work.

If you’re a remote worker you’re also likely missing a lot of things, too. I’m sure as hell missing my lunch dates & dinner dates and going to the gym without a mask – the very deliberate social life I cultivate to fulfill my social needs.

Some of us are cracking open the phone or laptop as soon as we wake up, then hear Slack notifications 24-7 because we’re not switching off work apps. We’re watching Netflix or playing forge of empires on the same device. Our work and personal life are too integrated via the devices we now use for every aspect of our lives, we even look to instagram and online programs to exercise. And this is potentially dangerous. So we find ourselves online a lot longer than we really should be for a balanced life.

So, I’ve surfaced a bonus module from one of my business courses (Kickstart Your Mini Empire) called Cultivate A Healthy Tech Life which invites you to do some serious thinking about what a healthy tech life is for you. It asks some profound questions and invites you to answer them for yourself. I’ve provided the worksheet, too.

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The facts I share in this episode are staggering. And even if you download the worksheet, you will meet with a ton of resistance when it comes to answering the questions. But all I’ll say is this: these might be the most important questions you ever ask yourself. I hope you enjoy it!


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