Kickstart Your Mini Empire
Kickstart Your Mini Empire
Ep #39: Autopilot To Absolutely In Control

What if I told you there was a free power tool that slices through any emotional shit storm, and that you could go from overwhelm, frustration, anger and out of control to cooler, calmer and more collected in 3 mins?

Life and work offers plenty of daily opportunities to run on autopilot, but there’s always a choice to take back control and doing what you’re doing absolutely on purpose.

And this strategy I have for you today you can do with your eyes closed. Literally!

So let’s take you from functioning on autopilot to in control of every area of your life and work.


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Mentioned on the show:

Check out Alternative Ageing by Suzi Grant

The research by the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition

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Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash