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The ultimate multi-media toolkit for launching your ideas so you can create the life you REALLY want.

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The Workbook >>


  • 19 worksheets for the 19 lesson episodes in Podcast Season 2
  • Dive deep into each topic and integrate them into your life + work immediately
  • A hybrid workbook/ journaling guide
  • Designed as resource to enhance critical thinking about your life & work

BONUS #1: Cultivate a Healthy Tech Life (Video + PDF Worksheet) >>

A 17-minute video masterclass on how to leverage technology to boost your life & work:

In this lesson I want to set the context for your tech health and invite you to examine your tech behaviours to ensure they are constructive and not destructive for your life and work.

I invite you to develop a healthy tech life & be in CONTROL of your own tech behaviour, and leverage it to boost your life & work.

It comes with a detailed worksheet that encourages critical thinking about your tech health.

BONUS #2: Your Idea Relationship While Starting Up (Video + PDF Worksheet) >>

Create a vision for your ideal relationship and how you enjoy it while you start & grow your business:

In this lesson you'll learn..

  • Why it's important to have a vision for your romantic relationship, & how it fits into your business vision, too.
  • The exercise & checklist that spotlight areas to improve.
  • How to get your partner involved in your relationship vision.

BONUS #3: 34-Page Content Marketing Guide for Beginners (PDF Workbook) >>

A 34-Page Guide To Creating The Right Content Marketing Strategy For You :

Content Marketing is the most over-used, mis-understood terms in our contemporary marketing juggernaut.

At its best, it's the most powerful way to build a meaningful relationship with your customers.  A relationship that helps you achieve the big picture goals like profit and impact.

Whether your ultimate goal is profit or impact, Content Marketing is the best way to turn an audience into customers and brand ambassadors.

You will learn how to create your own unique content marketing strategy, design the right process and use the right systems for maximising your production workflow, how to promote your content, and what typical mistakes to avoid.



Full Study Pack Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of this exclusive offer:

  • The 120-Page Workbook (Printable PDF)
  • How to Cultivate a Healthy Tech Life video lesson (Video) + PDF worksheet
  • The Life Vision Checklist (PDF)
  • Your Schedule Templates (Google Sheets Template)
  • Your Schedule Troubleshooter (PDF)
  • Your Startup Calendar Template (PDF)
  • The Future Shaper Worksheet (PDF)
  • Write Your Prophecy Podcast (MP3)
  • Body Scan Guided Visualisation (MP3)
  • Breath Practice Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • Your Ideal Relationship While Starting Up (Video) + PDF worksheet
  • Content Marketing Guide For Beginners (PDF)

Before working with Stephanie I had random ideas in my head but no solid system and no plan to make them work. I didn't know where to start. Now I feel more confident overall, with the clear vision what exact steps I need to take next. I now have a detailed and crystal clear action plan including the basics that were missing in my original business vision and ongoing personal development. I have more clarity, less drama, and a better understanding of what I truly want from my future business and life as a whole. Plus, Stephanie's energy is contagious, she is pure inspiration. She's so professional and intuitive, and a great role model of a highly productive, resourceful, and efficient person.

— Olya Montonen
— Olya Montonen

Before my working with Stephanie I was lost between two businesses and completely unsure which one I was passionate about. Now I've chosen, and I'm also scheduling life instead of just working. With a plan, my mind is less and my heart is more and there's more energy, creativity and space. She was willing to take the time for me to get my life vision first.

Now I'm doing so much much more 'life' during my week! For the first time I'm at peace with my business future because this will work. For a very scattered highly energetic person she successfully focused me 🙂 I loved working with someone I trust who is an amazing being. She gracefully held a beautiful space for me to rise into.

David Wargo
David Wargo

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