Ep #36: The Entrepreneur Body Episode
Kickstart Your Mini Empire

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If you’re working like a crazy person and often feel overwhelmed and tired and *bitchy* you’re in danger of burning out very shortly. You and your amazingly strong, resilient body cannot continue like this forever.

If you realised you were your most important business-building asset, would you treat yourself this way? Would you burn the candle at both ends, under sleep, over work, and keep driving yourself into the ground?

I know one thing for sure: thriving people build thriving empires. On that note: Let’s create your entrepreneur body so you can stay in the game until you get the profit & impact results you’re looking for.


03:13 ‘Personal Sovereignty’ concept & benefits

05:05 The cause of disappointing business results

07:22 Why you need an Entrepreneur Body

10:52 The only thing you need to do to achieve success

11:29 Your Entrepreneur body assessment

12:19 Your Entrepreneur body action plan


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Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash