Kickstart Your Mini Empire
Kickstart Your Mini Empire
Ep #29: Living Larger Than Your Current Circumstances

If every week is a hustle and you feel cut off from the life you think you should be living, this episode is for you.

You thought starting a business would create more freedom, variety — or even simplicity — but the opposite is true. You were told to make a vision board and manifest your reality. You were sold on 6-figure launches and $2K training programs. And you STILL think you need a new strategy or tactic to boost momentum.

But really the problem is this: the day to day is not as delicious as it could be, and it’s sucking the flavour out of your beautiful life. 

Why is THIS the problem?

Your life is the fuel that makes your business flow & grow. And therefore you need to live larger than your current circumstances to bring back the fun and the flow.

In this episode I share the two questions that will help you live larger than you think is possible right now. (The answers are not what you currently think.)

So you can you can use every decision you make to create the life you really want, whether your business grows or not.


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Image: Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash