The Freedom Philosophy
The Freedom Philosophy
Ep #24: Love & Startups

Starting a business — or just working very hard in your career — can take its toll on our most important relationships, especially our romantic one. If your relationship is feeling the strain of your business schedule, or if you would like to be in a relationship and worry about the impact it will have on your business, this episode is for you!

Romantic partners can be a source of unwavering strength, or the noose that hangs our dreams.

At the initial idea stage it can be very exciting: everyone’s on board, including your honey. But you’ll soon see the integrity of that support as your time and energy get re-routed from your partner to your ideas, especially when it’s cutting into your free time together.

In fact, your honey first high-interest investors and your success directly correlates to the quality of your relationships.

It’s important to have them on board right from the beginning, so you have the force of the Universe behind your ideas.


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    • Why your romantic partner is the most important person in your startup community
    • How to get your partner on board right from the beginning
    • My 'Love & Startups' story that taught me so much about myself, business and relationships


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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash