How To Find A Remote Job
How To Find A Remote Job
Ep #81: Romance Your Way To The Right Remote Role

Today is Part 4 of the #remotecareerchallenge, designed to help you create a remote work reality that helps you create & sustain the life you REALLY want.

Step 4 is about brainstorming your romantic relationship, romance, sex, family, friendship, and community. And what do all these things have to do with finding and succeeding in a remote job?

Our relationships with other human beings can be the foundation for success or our achilles heel. Knowing what you want from your relationships including things like how much time you want to spend with your honey or how much flexibility you want for your family & friends will help you find the right remote opportunity for you. You’ll know what questions to ask during the hiring process, and how to assess the work style fit during the trial period. And just in general, having great relationships in our life make us feel happy and whole, and if we’re not proactively nurturing them, the perfect remote job won’t make us any happier! 

In this episode of Thriving Empire we talk:

  1. Why a remote role that includes a co-working space could help your relationship
  2. How a remote job can help you spend more time with the people you care about
  3. How the right remote role can help you build real face to face community connections

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