How To Find A Remote Job
How To Find A Remote Job
Ep #80: Refining Your Remote Job Search

Today is Part 3 of the #remotecareerchallenge, designed to help you create a remote work reality that helps you create & sustain the life you REALLY want.

In today’s episode and worksheet you’re going to brainstorm your vision for you personal development, spirituality, education, passion projects & hobbies. So what do all these things have to do with finding and succeeding in a remote job?

A lot of remote companies are dedicated to the personal growth, wellness and wellbeing of their team, and so if this is important to you, you can actively look for companies that nurture programs and initiatives. Knowing your vision for these areas of life will help you attract the right remote culture and career fit for you. I share more examples and my own experience to help you create your own remote work, career & work style criteria that will help you find the right remote role for you.

In this episode of Thriving Empire we talk:

  1. How your next remote job can help you become who you really want to be when you grow up
  2. Why your spiritual goals can help you find the right remote company for you
  3. How finding the right remote role can help you work on your own passion projects. (When it suits YOU!)


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