How To Find A Remote Job
How To Find A Remote Job
Ep #79: How to Design The Perfect Remote Work Style

Today is Part 2 of the #remotecareerchallenge designed to help you create a remote work reality that helps you create & sustain the life you REALLY want.

Step 2 is about brainstorming your vision for your home, personal space, shared space, location, and neighbourhood. And what do all these things have to do with finding and succeeding in a remote job?

Well, your remote career is going to help you create and sustain the life and lifestyle you really want. So you need to know what living style you want to create, so you can begin to understand how your work and workstyle will HELP you create it. Remote working offers varying degree of freedom & flexibility, and you need to know what you want to do with that freedom & flexibility. And where you want to spend your time. 

Your aspirational living style directly informs your remote work style criteria, so you can go out there and find the right remote career fit and company for you. And I have more examples and my own experiences to share with you on today’s show!

In this episode of Thriving Empire we talk:

  1. Why your location could impact the salary a remote company will offer you
  2. Why many remote companies prefer NOT to hire digital nomads
  3. Why how you want to spend your day can help you find the right remote job for you


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