How To Find A Remote Job
How To Find A Remote Job
Ep #78: Remote Career Kickstart In 5 Steps

Did you know that I’m delivering a 5-day remote career challenge right here on the podcast?  Step 1 is about brainstorming your vision for your body, health, the first hour of your day, self care and your time. And what do all these things have to do with finding and succeeding in a remote job?

All too often these 5 areas of life are sacrificed while we focus on our work, job & career, in fact most areas of life are sacrificed for our work – which can either be just a job, a beloved career, or our own business & projects. 

And these 5 areas are the foundation of our mental health. So important that we actively cultivate it so we can thrive on all levels in our life & our work. So we need to collectively flick the switch on this. When we take back our power in these areas of our life, we thrive on our levels, including creatively, productively in our work.

Someone who thrives in these areas of life makes an ideal remote worker. In this episode I share more about how to flick the switch in these areas of life, including my own examples, and how to use this intel as remote job search criteria.

In this episode of Thriving Empire we talk:

  1. The aim of the challenge and why it can help you claim more freedom in your life and work
  2. The 5 areas of life most people sacrifice for their work & why it this actually inhibits your career success
  3. How to use your goals in these areas to find the right remote job for you


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