When You Find The Ideal Remote Job For You, You Can

Build A Career You Love
Alongside The Life You Really Want

When you think a well-paid, remote job is like a Unicorn, you exclude yourself from the fastest-growing work style on the planet.

And extraordinary career growth. Worse, you remain in an office job you no longer enjoy, caught in the clutches of the commute.

I help you navigate the unknown terrain of the remote career path, so you can find, prepare for and succeed in a remote job that aligns with your life & work goals.  People with more freedom & flexibility in their work can build a career they love without sacrificing the life they really want.

You get to decide if you enjoy more time at home, travel the world, spend more time surfing, of with your honey. While also enjoying a more meaningful & fulfilling career.

Well hello. I'm Stephanie.

Strategist. Traveler. Podcaster. Life Design Advocate. Remote-First Enthusiast. 

I'm passionate about being an example of what's possible. 

I've worked remotely since 2004, both as a full-time employee and as an independent contractor. Working remotely has enabled me to create an extraordinary life. This is what I share with you.

I'm dedicated to helping shape the future of work. 

I see a world full of inspired, empowered humans like you; dedicated to  build a career you love while living the life you really want. Simultaneously.

I'm obsessed with helping you live & work on your own terms.

Whether you're starting your own business, building a corporate career, or returning to the corporate world after running your own business, I'm here to help you maximise your personal freedom.

When you stop thinking a well-paid remote job is a Unicorn, a pipe dream, or a scam, you open the opportunity to 

Build A Career You Love
Alongside The Life You Really Want. 

I research the latest trends & challenges of remote economy so I can give you cutting edge info that positions you as an ideal remote candidate.

I create practical & actionable content to inspire and empower your remote career trajectory, so you can transition to the remote work style with more confidence.

I live the remote lifestyle, working remote contracts for remote companies so I can share my personal insights tips and strategies for how to find and succeed in a remote role.

Thousands of remote companies are scouring the globe for your skillset.

Ready To Tap Enjoy The Benefits Of The
Fastest-Growing Work Style On The Planet?