Excellent User Experience And Honest Marketing Elevate Your Message, Impact & Results.

I help you build beautiful, functional web products & get them into the hands of the people who need them the most.

Capable, no-nonsense, and a real pleasure to work with.

Stephanie delivered an immediate impact. She sorted out project strategy, bringing clever and acute thinking to how we managed and supported an online community via our new platform, she was able to build strong rapport and trust with the client, helping to deliver a challenging piece of work and to transform what was a tricky relationship. She owned the delivery process and made it much easier for the team to function well and deliver.

Steve Hamm


Hey there. I'm Stephanie.

I'm a Communications Planner & UX Designer obsessed with beautiful, functional design & honest communications. 


I've been creating digital experiences since 2001 for blue chip clients at Yahoo!, MSN & AOL Huffington Post, International media agencies, and more recently as a consultant & coach for startups & entrepreneurs.

I adore creating brilliant products & services & communications that result in a win for you and a win for your users/ clients/ customers / audience. 

I channel my curiosity into people-led research to create data-driven strategies; and execute through hypothesis, experiment & results.  I believe in the power of iteration to achieve your brand & business vision.


I focus on helping my clients maximize their profit & impact through elegant & powerful online experiences.

I offer a unique blend of cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking & an interdisciplinary skillset for developing compelling strategies in a connected world.

Looking For A Passionate Communications Planner or a UX Designer Obsessed With Beautiful, Functional Design?

I work with people who want to leave the world a little different than they found it. 

Consistently delivers work ahead of the market.

Stephanie is bright, personable, strategic,  and above all she consistently delivers work above and ahead of the market.
She demonstrates a deep understanding of the marketplace, and because of this she is able to drive new thinking, delivering projects on time and with real depth of thought.

Toby Morris

AOL Huffington Post