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Imagine Your Audience Left Your Website 1000% Happy.

Your website is so gorgeous and works so brilliantly that they subscribed, booked, or bought easily & intuitively. Leaving YOU 1000% happy too!

Hey there, I'm Stephanie. I'm a UX Designer
Obsessed With Beautiful, Functional Design.

I crave easy, intuitive online experiences, and your customers do, too. Nothing makes us happier, more trusting & loyal than being able to do what we set out to do: subscribe, book or buy quickly, and in as few steps as possible. 
When your website or app looks gorgeous and works brilliantly, your business or organization grows, your message spreads, and you leave the world a little happier than you found it. 
UX Design is therefore the art & science of HAPPINESS.

I guess you could call me a happiness strategist.

Here's how a happiness strategy could help you:

Free up more $$$s for other projects.

Step 1

With a unique process of research, great design, wireframes, prototypes & testing, that puts your users at the epicenter, you can launch a website or app that meets your audience's needs the first time round. Which means less corrections & user frustration. 

Increase your revenue stream.

Step 1

When your website or app is easy to use, highly intuitive, and your users can do what they need to do as as few steps as possible, they take action! They sign up, enroll, subscribe, book, buy & purchase. And then they come back and do it again.

Tell your story & change the world.

Step 3

When your content is organized & labeled in a way your audience understands, your message comes across loud and clear, your stories can be heard, and your future customers can get a sense of what you do, who you d it for, and why it matters to them! You can inspire, empower, encourage and rally around your movement or cause, and have a greater impact.

Eliminate the competition.

Step 4

When you offer an easy & highly intuitive user experience you build trust & loyalty with your audience & customers, and they'll rave about you from the rooftops! Reducing confusion, frustration & annoyance is the perfect way to stand out in today's tech clutter and make you the #1 choice and recommendation, regardless of the competition. You build trust, and that builds tribe.

An Invaluable Asset To Our Business

Stephanie's energy is infectious, and her grasp of the potential of the online Universe & social media is an invaluable asset to our business.

Mark Shekter



I do a little bit of everything! Competent in each UX role, and a master at wearing a few different UX hats each day.

UX Research

Step 1

I collect quantitative and qualitative data, analyze it, and propose possible solutions. 

UX Design

Step 1

I focus on user-centered design, such as proper placement of links and buttons, and how to use design elements and principles to make them user-friendly and accessible.

Experience Strategy

Step 3

I craft an entire UX experience or interaction from the ground up, bringing your project vision to life through UX research, design, and prototyping of user-friendly experiences.

IA (Information Infrastructure)

Step 4

I handle all the planning and details that go into your site’s IA, like navigation, IA models, content structure, and user flows.


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