Obsessed With Helping You Minimise The Pain, Drama & Burnout Of Launching Your Ideas

I'm a startup strategist, thrive coach, author of Absolutely On Purpose and The Freedom Philosophy, and the creator of the Thriving EmpirePodcast.

I'm obsessed with helping you thrive on all levels while you launch your ideas; minimise the pain, drama and burnout of starting up; and create, make and sell the fruit of your imagination with passion, purpose and vision.

Let overwhelm and burnout become a thing of the past; and TODAY become the fuel and source of inspiration for the future. The gold at the end of the the entrepreneurial tunnel is a life we love and a positive impact, not just a paycheck.

What I bring are some powerful perspective shifts, mind blowing questions, and a simple framework to make sense of your answers.

This takes the form of practical tools, 17 years experience working with some of the most exciting brands, tough love, and off-the-chart positive energy.

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What you bring to the table is a non-negotiable desire to live & work on your own terms, and a commitment to launching your ideas with passion, purpose & vision.

Together we generate strategic rocket fuel for your game-changing ideas.



Before working with Stephanie I was lost between two businesses and completely unsure which one I was passionate about. Now I've chosen, and I'm also scheduling life instead of just working. With a plan, my mind is less and my heart is more and there's more energy, creativity and space. She was willing to take the time for me to get my life vision first.

Now I'm doing so much much more 'life' during my week! For the first time I'm at peace with my business future because this will work. For a very scattered highly energetic person she successfully focused me 🙂 I loved working with someone I trust who is an amazing being. She gracefully held a beautiful space for me to rise into.

— David Wargo


6 Steps To Confidence & Clarity For Your Ideas

I’ve outlined the 6 steps to creating a rock solid strategic action plan for your ideas - so that YOU know exactly what you need to have in place before you invest your most precious resources.

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6 Steps To Being Radically Organised in Your Business

Learn the 6 steps to being radically organised in your business that transcend the day to day and catapult you in the direction of your business goals.

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Before working with Stephanie I felt confused, frustrated, and didn’t really know know how my ideas would all fit together or how to go about it. (I also didn’t have clarity around my niche audience). 

The pre-session work sheet really got me to clear everything out and make sense of my vision. They brought my blocks to light; it was very enlightening. What I loved most was being guided through clear and concise steps for my own Strategic Action Plan.  

I felt relieved; I now have something very clear and specific to work on for the next 8 weeks, and I can see the possibilities of what I can achieve. I have worked with other coaches, but I have to say Stephanie is on a different level.

— Claire Baker


The Freedom Philosophy Book

Minimize The Pain, Drama & Burnout Of Launching Your Ideas

So you can stay in the game until you get the results you'r looking for.


The Visionary Leadership #Challenge

Become radically organised & visionary in your life & work.

So you can launch your ideas with passion, purpose and vision.



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