Hey, I'm Stephanie. 

I envision a world where every woman has individualised health & wellness solutions at her fingertips.

A world where...

51% of medical investment is channelled into women’s health
51% of medical investment is channelled into women’s health
50% of all investment in technology for women’s health is allocated to menopause health
Women and pregnant women from all ethnicities and age groups are routinely included and well-represented in clinical studies
Public healthcare offers the full-range of evidence-based healthcare solutions without gatekeeping
Female patients consider their doctors a healthcare partner, working together to optimise healthcare outcomes, ensuring symptom & disease management is not influenced by the pay checks of Big Pharma
FemTech startups build their commercial success on a commitment to equity, techquity and autonomy in women's healthcare
Women’s health needs are not commercialised at the expense of their health outcomes, (and at the exclusion of the less affluent) simply because there’s a buck to be made and/ or public healthcare is failing
Every woman at every socioeconomic level can benefit from the latest in health care and wellbeing technologies
Women’s fears and lack of knowledge are not manipulated & agitated to meet startup and business growth objectives
Evidence-based healthcare information is freely accessible and discoverable to any woman, globally, from any device
Every workplace has a period, pregnancy & menopause policy; their difficulties are protected characteristics
Women can easily get their own hormones back, and HRT is not demonised as being deadly
Healthcare is gender inclusive, so that all humans on planet earth have individualised health and wellness solutions at their fingertips

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