Build your marketing career
without sacrificing your beautiful life.

I help you find & succeed in a remote job so you can enjoy greater freedom & flexibility in your career & life.

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Simplify the remote job search.

Succeed as a remote worker.

Greater freedom & flexibility.

You've always dreamed of working from home or abroad as a remote worker.

Maybe you've dreamed of working from home, designing your own schedule, having daytime hours available for other things, ditching the expensive commute, eating healthy home-made meals, snuggling with your pup, sipping on your delicious warm tea or coffee at your kitchen table, and staying warm during winter.

Or maybe ditching winter altogether and moving abroad! Enjoying a warmer climate year-round, or traveling and experiencing new cultures, or location-independence just in case. 

You dream of more freedom & flexibility, and greater work-life balance defined by YOU.

With a remote job you can have 100% control over your career & life. 

The problem is...

You've heard of remote jobs but you can't prove their existence. 

There are so many scammy work-from-home ads, the whole thing seems like a sham.

You don't see yourself as a digital nomad or the 'Eat, Pray, Love' type.

You don't know where to look or how to go about the search.

You have no remote experience and by the way, what 'remote' skills do you need anyway?!

A well-paid remote job seems like a Unicorn, or a pipe dream.

The reality is that there are thousands of remote companies
actively scouring the globe for YOUR skillset!

There are thousands of legitimate, well paid roles for which you don't need any previous remote work experience.You just need to know how to position yourself, where to look, how to apply and how to succeed as a remote worker.

My 30-min Remote Career Consults are designed to give you all the information, confidence and inspiration you need to find and succeed in a remote job.

US $125

"After chatting with Stephanie I learned that there are so many remote job options, more than I realized. I discovered the importance of a strong career profile, how to be progressive & specific when applying for a remote positions, and even had an "awesome idea" moment.  I'd recommend this to anyone looking for remote work in their field."

— Natalie Parkinson Dupley

Your 30-Min Remote Career Consult

I launched Remote Career Consults because there are not enough resources to help highly-skilled people like us find great remote roles. Knowing where to look, how to apply, how to stand out etc. Your marketing skillset is in HIGH demand by companies, agencies, startups and entrepreneurs.

If you want to approach your remote career search with confidence, smash through your fears & challenges, get all your Qs answered from someone who’s actually worked remotely, and have a unique remote career strategy bespoke for you, book your Remote Career Consult now.

Here's how it works...

Purchase your session by clicking any RED button on this page. After payment you'll receive a booking link for your session:  USA & Europe - Saturdays / Aus & NZ - Sundays.

You complete the 2 very awesome worksheets and send them to me 48-hrs before our session. 

We jump on a Skype call and talk through your Remote Career Plan PDF & you'll get all your additional Qs answered, too.

US $125

Once payment is made via PayPal you'll receive a calendar link to book your session.

"I really appreciate Stephanie's wisdom about remote work. She shared some great websites & made me aware of the most important baseline requirements for finding a remote job. I realized I do want the Gypsy life and not to work for someone else like it’s a 9-5. It was a big epiphany for me to understand that way is not for me, and how that can be possible with remote work."

— Sherri Simpson

What are you waiting for?

The opportunity is now, and it's vast. If you keep thinking a well-paid, remote role is like a Unicorn, a scam, or a pipe dream, you’ll exclude yourself from thousands of opportunities at your fingertips.

Imagine yourself as an 80-year old looking back on your life. Will you wish that you  had put yourself forward? Or will you be content with having stuck with the commute and an office job you no longer enjoyed. 

Life is now. Claim the freedom & flexibility you crave.

US $125

Once payment is made via PayPal you'll receive a calendar link to book your session.

"My main challenge was knowing where to look. Stephanie asked me some detailed questions and really took the time to understand my situation before providing me with several very specific and personalized tips, strategies, and suggestions, where to search and how to maximize my search results, and how to best position myself and my experience. Stephanie definitely should be your go-to resource for your remote job search!"

— Kristen Scott

You can build your marketing career & the life you want simultaneously. 

Imagine having a clear vision of your life, career and work style, and knowing you have the power to create it.

Imagine thousands of companies looking for your skillset, and having the confidence to approach the remote job search. 

Imagine living and working on your own terms, with greater freedom & flexibility to do what you want, when you want, and  define your own work-life balance. 

Imagine working with greater passion, purpose and vision, working with companies whose goals and mission align with yours.  

YOU are the Unicorn. And any company would be lucky to have you.

Let's do this.

US $125

Once payment is made via PayPal you'll receive a calendar link to book your session.

remote career consult

Hey there, I'm Stephanie.

I'm passionate about being an example of what's possible. 

I've worked remotely since 2004, both as a full-time employee and as an independent contractor. Working remotely has enabled me to create an extraordinary life. This is what I share with you.

I'm dedicated to helping shape the future of work. 

I see a world full of inspired, empowered humans like you; dedicated to  build a career you love while living the life you really want. Simultaneously.

I'm obsessed with helping you live & work on your own terms.

Whether you're starting your own business, building a corporate career, or returning to the corporate world after running your own business, I'm here to help you maximise your personal freedom.

Here's what previous clients have to say about working with me...

Stephanie is an artist with words and has a natural ability to connect with right-brain thinkers. She helped me filter through the busy-ness in my mind and create a clear template for turning my crazy ideas into a structured model. Her approach is organic, flowing and adaptable. This is a vital part in my journey of being absolutely on purpose.

— Amy Morris

Stephanie has an extraordinary ability to assist in articulating the ideas & passions that are stuck in my head. She gave me the tools and clarity to flesh out my ideas and create a concise plan to propel me towards the business and life I dream of. She has a passion to help others follow their dreams – her energy is contagious.

— Sam de Bruin

Before working with Stephanie I felt confused & frustrated. The pre-session work sheet really got me to clear everything out and make sense of my vision. They brought my blocks to light; it was very enlightening. What I loved most was being guided through clear and concise steps for my own Strategic Action Plan. I felt relieved and I can see the possibilities of what I can achieve. I have worked with other coaches, but I have to say Stephanie is on a different level.

— Claire Baker

You're ready.

US $125

Once payment is made via PayPal you'll receive a calendar link to book your session.