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Lost between two or more ideas or not sure how they fit together?

Juggling many balls & struggling to find a focus?

Struggling to figure out your niche audience & how to attract them?

Unsure how to tell your story and package yourself or your brand?

Working 24-7, overwhelmed or burned out?!

Feel like pressing the 'reset' button on your life & work?

Before the session I had too many ideas and not enough time to implement anything effectively. I felt like I was spinning wheels and not making enough progress. But now I'm clear on my priorities and focus... and this makes me clearer in my thinking and planning! I'm also now integrating my self care into the core of my business rather than trying to squeeze it in or sacrificing it. My favourite part was scheduling and money mapping. It has helped me to be more focused and do the obligatory things with greater efficiency. And I'm much clearer about my short, medium and long term goals. I can relax with more rather than thinking I have to do everything at once. I'm very excited to talk to my clients and continue applying all the process to my business.Thank-you for the positive impact you've made on my life and business.

— Terri Henry, Live Your Nature, (

Before working with Stephanie I had random ideas in my head but no solid system and no plan to make them work. I didn't know where to start. Now I feel more confident overall, with the clear vision what exact steps I need to take next. I now have a detailed and crystal clear action plan including the basics that were missing in my original business vision and ongoing personal development. I have more clarity, less drama, and a better understanding of what I truly want from my future business and life as a whole. Plus, Stephanie's energy is contagious, she is pure inspiration. She's so professional and intuitive, and a great role model of a highly productive, resourceful, and efficient person.

— Olya Montonen, Photographer, Videographer, Storyteller

It's time to get radically organised and visionary about your life & work.

You want to know that you’re moving in the right direction and be able to see the possibility of what you can achieve.

You crave clear steps to follow, a strategic action plan, and clarity on how to invest your time, energy & attention during 'business hours'.

You want to feel happier, more in control and excited about what you can achieve in the next 6 months.

And you're ready to get started now.

She helped me filter through the busy-ness in my mind and create a clear template for turning my crazy ideas into a structured business model.

— Amy Morris, @tahispace

Lets turn your (crazy!) ideas into a strategic action plan.

I help you filter through the busy-ness in your mind, flesh out your ideas, & develop a concise action plan.

I help you develop a bigger picture vision of your life & work, so you can create a business that will create & sustain it.

I help you shift your focus to what is in your power to change immediately.

Together we annihilate the guesswork so you have a clear vision of the next steps and the next level of your life & work.

I wasn’t sure where to start and wanted to know if I was on the right path. By the end I’d gone through a complete mind-set change and had an actionable plan.

— Su Zafar, Free From Foods

Are you ready?

To identify ways to turn your ideas into revenue?

To create more energy, creativity & space in your life?

To feel at peace with your business future?

What I loved most was being guided through clear and concise steps for my own Strategic Action Plan.  I felt relieved; I now have something very clear and specific to work on.

— Claire Baker,

The biggest shift for me has been a greater focus on my WHY, as well as on what is in my power to change immediately. I have greater clarity around how I need to spend my time.

— Gee Foottit, The Wedding Day Body Plan

How does it work?

  1. Book a free 30 min chat with me where we talk about your current challenges & goals, and I share how I work & what might be the best next step for you.
  2. If we’re a fit I’ll make a specific recommendation about how I can help you.
  3. If you say ‘Hell Yes!’ we start working together over 6 weeks or 6 months to create a rock solid strategic action plan for your idea(s).

Investment starts from US $395

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Before my Strategic Action Plan I was lost between two businesses and completely unsure which one I was passionate about. Now I've chosen, and I'm also scheduling life instead of just working. With a plan, my mind is less and my heart is more and there's more energy, creativity and space. She was willing to take the time for me to get my life vision first.

Now I'm doing so much much more 'life' during my week! For the first time I'm at peace with my business future because this will work. For a very scattered highly energetic person she successfully focused me 🙂 I loved working with someone I trust who is an amazing being. She gracefully held a beautiful space for me to rise into.

— David Wargo

I'm almost crying writing this. I have been able to identify ways to turn my ideas into revenue and can see the timeframe in which this could be made possible.

Hearing that it is possible and being given strategies has really really helped. I really feel like a weight has been lifted and I can actually see the potential everything holds AND I can actually achieve this!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

— Sam Bowen, The Acorn Network

Stephanie has a true gifts for turning thoughts and visions into tangible actions.  I am type of person who typically knows what I want, but when it comes to putting my visions and dreams into words or breaking them down into action steps – I totally get stuck and overwhelmed.

My session with Stephanie was simply AMAZING.  She has a way of lovingly getting to the core of my vision, breaking it down, and turning it into a strategic action plan.  By the end of the session I not only had a clear vision of my next steps, I also had a clear vision of how to take my business to the next level. Stephanie puts her whole heart and soul into her work.

— Lynsey Landry,

Stephanie’s pre-work document was really powerful — it gently nagged me with ‘why, why, why’ and demanded I thought much more deeply about why I’d had my idea, who might care about it, how they might respond to it, and what my struggles were.

If you have ‘that thing’ smouldering away at the back of your mind and you need someone to help you shape it into something attractive, doable, inspiring and effective – Stephanie is your guru.

— Gabe McGrath, The Plugged-In Writer

The result at the end of our business success is our life, not just another paycheck. My focus is on helping you live & work on your own terms now while simultaneously creating your vision of the future.

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Stephanie is an artist with words and has a natural ability to connect with right-brain thinkers. She helped me filter through the busy-ness in my mind and create a clear template for turning my crazy ideas into a structured business model.

Her approach is organic, flowing and adaptable. This is a vital part in my journey of being absolutely on purpose.

— Amy Morris, @tahispace

Stephanie has an extraordinary ability to assist in articulating the ideas & passions that are stuck in my head.

She gave me the tools and clarity to flesh out my ideas and create a concise plan to propel me towards the business and life I dream of. She has a passion to help others follow their dreams – her energy is contagious.

— Sam de Brui, Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

Before working with Stephanie I felt confused, frustrated, and didn’t really know know how my ideas would all fit together or how to go about it. (I also didn’t have clarity around my niche audience).

The pre-session work sheet really got me to clear everything out and make sense of my vision. They brought my blocks to light; it was very enlightening. What I loved most was being guided through clear and concise steps for my own Strategic Action Plan.

I felt relieved; I now have something very clear and specific to work on for the next 8 weeks, and I can see the possibilities of what I can achieve. I have worked with other coaches, but I have to say Stephanie is on a different level.

— Claire Baker,

Working with Stephanie was absolutely brilliant. I wasn’t sure where to start and wanted to know if I was on the right path. By the end I’d gone through a complete mind-set change and had an actionable plan.

Stephanie is on the journey with you, wanting you to succeed and do well in your idea, thinking about your outcomes in every step and has tons of positive energy and inspiration.

I loved the process - it was thorough, helpful, professional and a great start to the year. Having a strategic action plan has steered me in a clear direction.  Stephanie is incredibly talented, hardworking and gifted in this area.

— Su Zafar, Free From Foods

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Hey, I'm Stephanie! And I'm totally here to help you.

I know what it’s like to feel like every day is a hustle.

To see yourself as an octopus needing help to untangle your tentacles so you can swim in a consistent direction. To crave a clear, decisive action plan for a multi-layered business vision. To bring all the pieces together in a way that makes sense to you — and your audience!

Especially when you have so many ideas resulting in head spinning and a lack of productivity. I help you take little steps, prioritising what matters most every day, every week, every month.

So if you want to know where to start, if you sabotage yourself a lot, procrastinate and don’t do the major things you planned for the day, I can help you shake off the shackles and get the ball rolling.

Simply book a FREE 30-min call with me today.