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Hey there,
I'm Stephanie.

I’m a hybrid media strategist and comms planner with 16 years experience across media agency and digital publishers (in London and Sydney), as well as individual entrepreneurs and startups as a coach and consultant.

I got my planning chops from ZenithOptimedia International where I trained as a global media strategist; then strategy roles at Yahoo! and MSN ignited a passion for people and technology, and the greater need for keeping our pulse on the true nature of our humanity while technology changes the way we live.

*I’m a maverick strategist* I love to break down what’s not working and creating a bullet-proof understanding of the audience before getting clever. I learned the foundations of customer mapping at ZenithOptimedia, London and watched the tech teams at Yahoo! and MSN make products that change the way we behave, but it wasn’t until I studied entrepreneurship for my own business that I really began to understand how to use a customers deepest desires, fantasies, challenges and fears to not only communicate more effectively and change behaviors, but also build incredible products & services.

*I’m bold and honest* Because sometimes colleagues and clients need a perspective shift. But I’ve found that when people are excited about what they do, we have a hunger for learning that cannot be satiated. I love working with smart people who question the status quo, not for the sake of it, but because it’s the right thing to do. It’s smart AND strategic.

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It is an absolute delight to have Stephanie working with us at Think8. She is one of the truly gifted individuals whose word is backed up by actual performance that far exceeds expectations. Her mastery of the digital revolution and its impact on individuals and business, coupled with her vast experience in working with some of the top online companies in the world, equate to a formidable force in designing digital strategy for our various activities.

Mark Shekter, Think8

My Approach

I'm with you from concept through to fruition.

I'll never present you with a BIG IDEA and then leave you to execute. (Unless of course you want it that way!) I thrive on clever ideas like the best of them, but they're no use unless your team has a shared understanding of what's on the table and is excited about executing. I'll be with you while we make it REAL, whether it's project management or getting my hands dirty like commissioning original video content or hiring a team of bloggers.

I'll spot the gaps that only an outside eye can see.

I'll never tell you what you already know. Chances are you've done your research, but maybe you haven't dug deep enough into your audience's pain points, or there's something you missed, or your team know more than they're confident enough to share. If you need to take a step back and build a stronger foundation (like interviewing more customers face to face), something is flawed in your high-level strategy, or you're on the right wall but climbing up the wrong ladder, I'll let you know.

As the saying goes: "Teach a man to fish..."

It's not my intention to stay forever, because co-dependency isn't healthy in any relationship. I want to teach you what matters and why, so you can apply that way of working to any project, problem or challenge you face. I want to transfer my knowledge in a way that empowers you, not ties you to my apron strings. That said, if I become your go-to when you need extra horsepower or an outside perspective, I'm in!

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Stephanie is one of the most creative, energetic and passionate strategists I have ever met. She has an ability to combine fresh and insightful perspectives with strategic thinking to deliver unique and effective ideas.

She sparks new ways of thinking that ignite and engage, and she moves effortlessly through the process of creating strategies founded on audience insight and understanding. Working with Stephanie is exciting and rewarding.

Shaun Morgan
Shaun Morgan Formerly Paint the Sky, now YouTap Ltd, Africa

The 3 Core Benefits
of Working With Me

My 3 Secret Weapons

Stephanie spreads the goodwill, energy and inspiration around her without limitation. This is what makes Stephanie very unique as when you interact with her, you suddenly realize you have inside yourself the same potential. 

Jean-Pierre Levieux
Jean-Pierre Levieux COO Mediacom, Paris

Stephanie is bright, personable, strategic, and above all she consistently delivers work above and ahead of the market. She demonstrates a deep understanding of the marketplace, and because of this she is able to drive new thinking, delivering projects on time and with real depth of thought.

Toby Morris
Toby Morris AOL Huffington Post

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