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A Boutique Startup Agency For Freedom-Seeking Humans.

I created SH.Co so you can live & work on your own terms while you launch your ideas.

When you embed the most exciting vision you have for your life & work into the bedrock of your business strategy, your thrive. My mission is to ensure you thrive on all levels while launching your ideas, so you can stay in the game until you get the results you’re looking for.

By taking extraordinary care of yourself, and following a carefully crafted strategic action plan unique to you, both you & your ideas will have no choice but to flourish. (And overwhelm and burnout bite the dust.)

My name is Stephanie Holland. I’m the founder of this boutique agency designed especially for freedom-seeking humans. I’m also the host of The Thriving Empire Podcast, where we talk about how to launch your ideas with more passion, purpose and vision. Working one-on-one with a select group of clients over 5 years I’ve come to live and work by this maxim: thrive first, build your empire second.

The result at the end of our business success is our life, not just another paycheck. My focus is on helping you live & work on your own terms now while simultaneously creating your vision of the future.

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