6 Steps To Becoming

Radically Organised

In Your Business

Welcome back!

In Video 1 we talked about the critical first step: have a vision for your life that excites the crap out of you.

In Video 2 we talked about steps 2-6 and how they help you become radically organised in your business.


VIDEO #3: How To Get Results In Your Life & Work

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It’s my hope that you’re ready & excited to become radically organised and visionary in your business!

I thought I might share a little more about exactly what visionary leaderships looks like in your life and work: how it shows up and the kind of results it creates.

Because, listen, you know that squiggly line from A to Z that you see on facebook posts, where they compare the straight line of what you think it’ll be to the actual rollercoaster of launching your ideas?

The only difference between those who make it and those who don’t is:

A: Accepting that business (and life!) is a squiggly line. Extreme highs. Extreme lows.

B: The ability stay in the game until you get the results you’re looking for.


Listen: Success is not dependent on time or money.

If that were true, people with tons of cash &/ or working on their business full time would ALL be wildly successful. I bet you know people who’ve thrown a shit ton of money at their business or who work all hours of the day and haven’t yet ‘made it’.

Success is entirely dependent on your resourcefulness with the resources you have, the discipline to keep showing up, and the resilience to look at each set of results and change course if they’re not the results that get you to the next step towards your goals.

That’s visionary leadership.

I want to share a few examples.


Let me share my story with you. It’s the ultimate squiggly line!

I’ve used the 6 steps to go from Strategy Director in a media agency 12 years ago to living in 3 locations every year, location independent and running my own coaching agency & consultancy.

Back then I had no idea exactly what I’d be doing in the future, but I knew I wanted location freedom, lots of travel, and the ability to live & work on my own terms (without a clue what those terms would or should be). My vision back then was simply a feeling of freedom, radiance, and expansion.

That vision — although lacking in detail - was so strong in the FEELING it created inside me that it was enough to empower me to QUIT that soul-sucking role and follow a passion for essential oils to New Zealand, where I did a one year full time diploma in Aromatherapy, which empowered me to start following the breadcrumbs.

I started an aromatherapy blog that activated a passion for sharing my passions and discoveries with others. That led me to freelance writing for lifestyle magazines in the US, UK and Australia.

One interview led me back into ‘business’ when a raw food entrepreneur flew me to Montreal to be her company’s executive director. Which kickstarted my consulting career.

Her in-laws hired me next… and I started to get a picture of ‘good business’ which led me to write my first book called ‘Absolutely on Purpose.’

That led me to a passion for helping others turn their passions into a business, and I started coaching. Seeing firsthand the struggles of my clients inspired my second book, the freedom philosophy, which, to this day, is the foundation for everything I’ve created at

StephanieHolland.Co. Now I’m passionate about helping fledgling entrepreneurs launch their ideas with more freedom, passion, purpose and vision.

I’ve rebranded as a consultancy, have 2 courses, 2 books, coaching clients and work as a strategist with startups. How’s that for a squiggly line?!


That’s the power of being a visionary leader in your own life and work — even if it’s fueled only by a FEELING! — it pulls you forward, and your ability to take care of yourself, manage your schedule & your mind, leverage your creativity & productivity and develop a dynamic vision for your business along the way is like plugging yourself directly into a wall socket.

It’s the kind of POWER you cannot buy, you can only CULTIVATE it within yourself.

That’s visionary leadership.


In realising the power this framework has had in my life I packaged it as an online course last year and offered it to my audience.

Here’s what Jessi Albin, a pilates instructor, had to say:

"I felt nervous and scattered before. But now I feel more focused, like I have a purpose. I can see where I want to be, and I’m taking the steps to get there."



Here’s what Tania Rome, film school graduate had to say:

"I had a lot of ideas, but was feeling a bit flat and behind. But now I’ve learned tools to let go of the shit storm and now I’m feeling clear and excited! I feel much more grounded about bringing my vision into reality."



Here’s what Rosalía Rodríguez, Creative mentor had to say:

"I had already planned my 2018 goals but I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start. My future vision was not clear and all I had was an infinite to do list. After completing just 3 lessons I started to feel much better about my goals: they ARE achievable! I now have a much clearer vision; I know which areas of my life to focus on, and have an action plan ready."


Now if you are ready to become radically organised and visionary in your business, and:


  1. Mastermind meaningful changes in your life and work.
  2. Craft better plans that make sense for your goals.
  3. Launch your ideas with more ease, vision & likelihood of success.


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It’s so simple to sign up and participate that I don’t even want to waste time with a classic sales page. We are saturated with too much info these days which is so unnecessary.


Here’s how it rolls out.

Here’s how it rolls out day by day:

Day #1: You download your #Challenge tracker your #Challenge Planner and decide whether you will do it as a 1-day or 7-day challenge. You'll then SCHEDULE when you'll complete each lesson in your calendar. If you’re doing it with me live, just check the dates & schedule it in!

Day #2: You Create A Big Picture Vision For Your Life

Day #3: You Uncover Your Operating Code (and put it into motion)

Day #4: You begin to Schedule Yourself For Success

Day #5: You start Maximizing Your Peak Hours of Productivity

Day #6: You learn how to Manage Your Mind

Day #7: You Create A Dynamic Vision For Your Business and complete your Master Checklist. Then you celebrate!


  • It’s 100% online,
  • You can join me for *live* rounds 3 x a year for accountability and the opportunity to up-level all areas of your life & work regularly, keeping you aligned with your ultimate goals.
  • 6 video lessons. 6 worksheets.
  • Access the online workshop via any device.
  • Anytime, lifetime access.


Let’s not make it any more complicated than that.

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