6 Steps To Becoming

Radically Organised

In Your Business

Welcome back!

In Video 1 we talked about the critical first step to being radically organised in your business: having a vision for your life that excites the crap out of you.

It gives you a powerful decision making framework for how you spend your time, what kind of business you create, and the types of products & services you create. It helps you define your business model, strategy & plan, and ensures you build a business that supports the life you want to create.


VIDEO #2: Steps 2-6


The second step is uncovering your operating code so you can remove the threat of overwhelm and burnout forever.

Why? While we’re very good to taking care of others, we are less naturally inclined to take extraordinary care of ourselves. We overwork, over stress, and show up frazzled for our own lives, our own passions, and the people we care about.

This hijacks a lot of our productive working hours - where we either try to work through the stress (and diminish the quality of our outputs), or indulge in confusion, anxiety or depression instead of developing hypotheses (like, ooh I wonder if a podcast would drive traffic to my website), and experiments (like, ooh, commit to producing one podcast episode a week for the next year) and analysing results (like, looking at how the podcast contributed to traffic & sales).

Instead we could take extraordinary care of ourselves, show up focused, motivated and energies, work less, and enjoy more ‘free time’ and the life that’s unfolding around us every day.

Your operating code is a set of principles you create and stick to to take care of yourself, so you can show up for your business hours - and your life - feeling great.

Being radically organised is showing up 100% focused for what matters most.


The 3rd step is creating a schedule that fiercely protects what matters most to you, establishes a work-life balance perfect for you, again so you show up for business & life feeling good, happy, and WHOLE!

Why? We spend too much time doing shit that doesn’t matter! Including: Thinking negative thoughts - I’m not good enough, no one will buy from me - feeling negative things - fear, self doubt, like an imposter - looking for distractions - yes, procrastination is an ‘active, conscious pursuit’ — instead of thinking about our vision, our goals, defining the steps that we think might helps us achieve our goals, doing those steps, and then stepping away from our work to have fun, and hang out with our loved ones!

Being radically organised is knowing when you’re working and when you’re not, and showing up 100% focused on what matters most.


The 4th step is leveraging your peak hours of productivity & creativity so you can generate outputs that generate momentum. So you can see if your work is taking you in the right direction, and so you can course-correct if it’s not.

This is about setting the tone for your day, showing up energised, positive, inspired, empowered, determined within your scheduled business hours.  

For me this is about having a strategy for my morning. I’m a morning person. But whether I have 10 mins or 2 hours before I start working, I know exactly how to set myself up for a creative & productive day. I know how to leverage my mind & body as powerful players on my team! So I can sit at my laptop without feeling tired, and write a video series like this one in less than 90 mins.

Again, don’t leave this to chance, you have to KNOW when you’re at your most productive & creative; know how to cultivate those qualities on demand, and have a strategy for that.

Being radically organised is knowing when you’re working and when you’re not, and showing up 100% focused, productive and creative for what matters most.


The 5th step is being able to manage your mind so your thoughts & feelings don’t sabotage you, but instead empower you.

Why? Because if left to its own devices, your default mindset is FEAR. You must have heard motivational speakers on TED talk about the primitive or primal brain, and it’s designed to protect you. Which means running away and hiding from everything that scares you. If left unchecked, your default setting will have you ping ponging from I can do this! to I can’t do this, the middle ground of which is where nothing GETS DONE! This is all about knowing what’s hijacking your headspace - thoughts & feelings that we mentioned in step 3, to-dos that are yet to get done, and solving existing challenges - including missing skills, knowledge & information that you keep telling yourself you need to know before you can do x,y,z. CUT IT OUT!

Learning to manage my mind is an ongoing challenge, but one I commit to daily. I make it my mission to KNOW what I’m thinking & feeling, and how that affects my results. I make it my mission to handle my to-dos, and turn every challenge into a question to answer. Your mind is your achilles heel. Turn it into your greatest strength by learning to manage it.

Being radically organised is knowing when you’re working and when you’re not, showing up 100% focused, productive and creative for what matters most, and using your mind to empower you.


The 6th step is the piece de resistance: creating a dynamic vision for your business so you have unstoppable driving force behind your ideas.

Why? There’s this quote that goes something like: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. And again, the more slightly impossible it sounds, the better. It’ll pull you so much farther forward and stretch you so much faster than a mediocre vision. Take it from Elon Musk, colonising mars might not seem achievable in his lifetime, but aiming for that will get him closer than any other human on Earth to achieving it.

When I articulated my overall business vision - including how I would FEEL at some point in the future having achieved it - and articulated its component parts like I did with my life vision - WOW! It was amazing how much it motivated me to keep GOING. From thinking about my clients that I work with directly, to my audience that read, watch & listen to my content, to the people I hire to help me with my projects.

Being radically organised is knowing when you’re working and when you’re not, showing up, 100% focused, productive and creative for what matters most, using your mind to empower you, and having a dynamic vision for your business that creates unstoppable driving force behind your ideas.


So there you have it, the 6 steps to being radically organised in your business.

In fact, they are the 6 steps to being radically organised AND visionary in your business.

I call it Visionary Leadership.


Next I’m going to show you exactly what happens when you show up as a radically organised and visionary leader in your life & work. Every single day!

I’ll see you in Part 3.

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